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Trees in Belgium Revisited

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Trees of Belgium

Revisited. Roel Jacobs

Publisher: [BE] BAI

Hardback, 320x245mm, 256p, throughout colour illustrations,
English edition

ISBN: 9789085865582 ISBN-13: 9789085865582

In this alphabetical overview of trees in Belgium, from Abies to Zelkova, Roel Jacobs pays a visit to the trees that he photographed a good 20 years ago in the standard work Bomen in België (Trees of Belgium) published by the Belgian Dendrological Association. Jacobs pays particular attention to our tree heritage in public parks and arboretums.

Trees can be compared to people: the longer ago it was that we saw a dear friend, the more we start to miss him or her. Roel Jacobs has spent a lot of time with, under and around and even inside the many trees that Belgium has to offer. Seeing them again was both exciting and astonishing - and necessary. The author guides us past the most attractive, very rare and spectacular trees that are accessible to everyone, easily visible without restriction: in public parks, gardens, arboretums, the open countryside, streets or front gardens. In these places one can reassure oneself of the beauty of these trees at any time of day and at any season and contemplate and study them under all circumstances. There are indeed many pearls to be found in private gardens as well, but it may surprise us to find so many unknown treasures right in front of our very own eyes.




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