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Sacred Places

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Sacred Places

Judaism, Christianity and islam

Publisher:  [BE] BAI  

Dutch (NL) ed.: isbn 9789085866718. Expo: 19/9/2014 - 18/1/2015., Museum Mas, Antwerpen

Hardback,  285x210mm,  192p,  throughout  colour illustrations, 
English edition       

ISBN: 9789085866725    ISBN-13: 9789085866725

Judaism, Christianity and islam

Sacred Places Sacred Books is a fascinating exhibition about three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Even though they are all different, they are also alike, strikingly so. We take you on an exciting journey and look at what the Sacred books and Sacred places mean for us now.

The MAS | Museum aan de Stroom highlights the pilgrimage to sacred places. You discover shrines that have exerted a magnetic attraction for centuries and walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims. Follow their adventures in rare documents and valuable works of art from around the world. In the Nottebohm Room of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, you are granted a unique insight into the shape, content, use and study of the Tanakh, Bible and Quran. At both venues, you hear personal accounts about the meaning of the pilgrimage and the Book for believers today in Antwerp.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are well represented in Antwerp, too. The exhibition 'Sacred Places | Sacred Books' is an ambitious project involving various heritage organisations and three religious communities.

Sacred Places - MAS | Museum aan de Stroom
The MAS offers a window onto the living tradition of the pilgrimage. Jews, Christians and Muslims feel a strong connection with their sacred places. Pilgrims make long journeys to experience divine powers. The exhibition follows their journey from their departure and visit to the shrine right through to their homecoming. Why do some places draw in people? What makes places like Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca so special? Why are the graves of the saints visited? Travel with the pilgrims through the exhibition and relive their feelings of hope, ecstasy and purification.

Sacred Books - Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library
The three holy books, Tanakh, Bible and Quran, each give meaning to the relationship between God and man. The divine revelations were cast in book form centuries ago. This exhibition illustrates the complex interconnectedness of the three books and tells what their significance is to billions of believers. The intimate atmosphere of the Nottebohm Room offers the ideal backdrop for the ancient, sacred texts, manuscripts and printed books. 




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